Coding with ASCII Text Art for Any Device: St Patrick’s Day


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Practice coding and typing this St. Patrick’s Day with ASCII Text Art for any device! Students follow the code to type 10 various St. Patrick’s Day themed images. Also includes a detailed visual guide for creating and coding your own ASCII Text Art!

Easily integrate technology into your typing, coding, or St. Patrick’s Day / March technology plans with this low-prep and engaging coding and typing practice activity. Also perfect for fast finishers! Coding with ASCII Art works on ANY digital devices and includes directions for Chromebooks, iPads, Windows, Kindles, as well as popular programs like Google Docs, Seesaw, and Microsoft Word.

ASCII Text Art is created by using the ASCII characters (i.e. the standard characters on all keyboards) to create an image. By arranging characters, spaces and lines in a specific way, an image can be created on any word processing program or text editor.

Packet includes:
★ 10 Coding Challenges to create 10 different St. Patrick’s Day Images.
★ Detailed guide to ASCII includes visual directions and tips for creating your own ASCII Art.
★ Answer Key
★ Directions for popular devices & programs

Students will need digital devices with word processing or text editing software such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Windows Notepad, Notepad on Mac/iPad/iPhone, Kindle Docs, Apple Pages, SeeSaw, Pic Collage, etc.




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