Digital Citizenship Posters and Punch Cards – Editable


Total Pages: 61
File Size: 8 MB


Digital Citizenship bulletin board set includes posters, punch cards and student writing paper. Hold students accountable for displaying digital citizenship all year long with this set. Included poster set displays 9 principles of digital citizenship written in clearly understood “I Can” style statements.

How it works:
Discuss & display the poster. Students can use the blank posters to take notes too. As students demonstrate a safe behavior, they write up what they did on the writing paper and circle the matching icon. Teachers can then punch the corresponding icon on the punch card. Or print the blackline punch cards and have students color an icon to keep track. Each punch card includes 2 of each icon.

Punch cards, posters and full sheet posters come in color and blackline. Type student names onto the punch cards with the editable PDF or PowerPoint files included. Or print and write for a personalized look. The definitions of each of the 9 principles can also be edited right on the PDF or PPT file too.

Zip file includes:
★ 2 styles of punch cards in an Adobe editable PDF.
★ 2 styles of punch cards to edit on PowerPoint with your own fonts.
★ 2 styles of Principles of Digital Citizen Posters – color & blackline. Plus a blank set for students to take notes.
★ Student writing paper for them to describe how they were a good digital citizen and circle which principle they displayed.
★ Directions for editing.

Each punch card measures approximately 3×5 inches when printed. Large full sheet posters measure 8.5×11 inches.