Digital Scoot for NOVELS Creation Kit for Google Slides: FOR ANY NOVEL


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Have you played Digital Scoot for Novels? Want to easily create your own Digital Scoot game with a topic and questions that YOU CHOOSE for ANY novel that students have read or listened to?

Learn how to create, edit, and distribute Digital Scoot templates created specially for novels for students to use on Google Slides™ with this creation kit. Please note, this creation kit is for personal / classroom use only – not for commercial use.

New to Digital Scoot?
Digital Scoot™ for Google Slides games integrate technology AND movement for a whole class experience. Play Digital Scoot on ANY device with Google Slides.

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How it works:
Instead of a paper task card, students set up a template on Google Slides then scoot from device to device responding to survey, short-answer and opinion questions about a topic with text, images, and/or movable digital pieces.

How to use this creation kit:

  • You pick ANY novel that all students have read or listened to. Works great following a read aloud or shared novel.
  • You write your own or tweak the provided questions.
  • You EDIT the templates RIGHT on Google Slides to fit your needs.
  • EVERYTHING on the template is editable: text boxes, backgrounds, shapes, etc.
  • You distribute your edited templates to students to play the game.

My detailed visual directions make it easy teachers of all technology levels to create their own game!

Zip file includes:
★ 34 page PDF with everything you need to know about Digital Scoot and how to create, edit, and distribute your templates for use on Google Slides.
★ Teacher & student directions for setting up, downloading and sharing Google Slides with students using either Google Drive™ online storage service or Google Classroom.
★ Also includes printable student-friendly visual step-by-step directions for using Google Slides and playing the game (including an extension activity for after the game too!
★ 15 gradient-colored background images to use in your games.
★ 14 Gradient Book Icon pieces for you use in your games.
★ 30 Color & Blackline numbers to print and hand out prior to the game so students know where to “Scoot.”

Linked Google Slides file includes:
★ 30 Digital Scoot pre-made game templates that are completely EDITABLE right in Google Slides. Pre-made templates are set up for ANY NOVEL so teachers just need to type character names, settings, and other novel-specific details as needed.

★ Student visual directions to the game and 14 Book Icon Digital Pieces are available RIGHT in the slides for quick access.

You and your students will need Google Drive accounts either individual or a shared account. You will also need access to a computer, laptop, iPad or Chromebook for each student playing.This resource works great with Google Classroom!


Since my products all utilize free web and app resources, there may be rare times that the technology does not work as planned, which may be out of my control. Please be sure to message me in the Q&A section so I can assist you before leaving feedback. I use all of the apps that I base my packets on frequently and will update products as the apps themselves update.


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