Distance Learning on Google Slides Interactive Tutorial Part 2 Shapes & Tables


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Teach students basic skills for using Google Slides with these 15 interactive self-paced digital activities. 13 activities include a tutorial in GIF form right on the slide to walk students through the basics of using fonts & text boxes and 2 activities can be used as a performance based assessment for students to show what they learned.

Easily introduce skills and integrate Google Slides™ into the classroom or in a distance learning or remote learning situation.

This is part 2 of the series. View Interactive Tutorial with Google Slides Part 1 here.

Google Slides Basic Skills Addressed in Part 2:

  • Set background
  • Insert Table
  • Add borders
  • Change border thickness
  • Change border color
  • Copy & paste
  • Center shapes horizontally & vertically
  • Align shapes horizontally & vertically
  • Distribute shapes
  • Using the Scribble tool
  • Insert arrows
  • Insert call outs
  • Drag and arrange objects
  • Cropping an image
  • Resizing an image
  • Adjusting transparency
  • Inserting & editing word art


Since my products all utilize web and app resources, there may be rare times that the technology does not work as planned, which may be out of my control. Please be sure to message me in the Q&A section so I can assist you before leaving feedback. I use all of the resources that I base my packets on frequently and will update products as the apps themselves update.


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