Remote Learning Digital Pieces for Digital Resources: Google Chromebook Keyboard


File Size: 2 MB


Digital Pieces created just for your digital resource creations! Digital Pieces are specially designed .PNG images for use as moveable pieces in digital paperless resources on platforms like Google Drive™, Microsoft OneNote™, ClassKick™, Boom Cards™, Nearpod™, Smartboard™ etc. for devices in the classroom.

Digital Pieces do NOT need to be secured or flattened – they can be inserted as-is directly onto a digital educational resource for both commercial and personal use to use as movable pieces. Save time when making digital interactive notebooks on Google Slides and other paperless activities.

This set of Digital Pieces includes all 74 keys used in a standard Google Chromebook™. Keys are black with white text, similar to a real keyboard. Letter keys are lowercase.


Digital Pieces are a variation of clipart ONLY for digital use and are NOT to be used in printable resources. The resolution, size, and simple design make Digital Pieces ideal for digital resources – they look great on all screens! Download the preview for specific information about how Digital Pieces can be used. Due to the unsecured use of these pieces in your digital resources, specific credit (indicated in the preview file) is required.




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