Student Information | Digital Sticker Survey | Editable | Google Forms



Digital, editable student information form / student survey for the first day of school completed in Google Forms™. Digital sticker book images make a necessary but boring activity a bit more engaging; as students input information, a digital sticker is added to the scene!

Perfect to use as-is to get to know your students before school or on the first day! Simple survey questions are a low stress way to introduce forms to elementary students while also collecting info about students such as preferred name, birthday, favorites, and more.

Questions & answers are EDITABLE so you can customize the questions as you need.

Edit to Use for:

  • Homework
  • Test Prep
  • Virtual Learning
  • Digital Assignment / Distance Learning
  • Independent Practice
  • Quiz
  • Digital Exit Ticket


  • 15 editable questions set up for use as a student information survey – this is very easy to change right on the form.
  • Also includes BONUS Google Slideshow of the sticker book images to use whole group or in virtual online meetings.


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