TPT Sellers – TPT Search SEO Keyword Tool for Products



TPT sellers, are you looking for a way to optimize the SEO of your product titles and listings to better support the teachers who are searching for specific items for their classrooms? Do you want to make sure that the resources you are creating are meeting the current needs of teachers right now? First you need to know what teachers are actually searching for…

How Does the TPT Search Work?

TPT like other e-commerce sites uses a search algorithm that takes the keywords a teacher types into the search box and outputs a list of products. How that algorithm determines which products are displayed is not something that is shared publicly. However, we can “see” what teachers are typing into the box…or at least view what most teachers are typing at any given time.

That’s because TPT uses an “autocomplete” service that suggests terms as you type. These suggestions are predictions based on the most popular search terms related to what is being typed in the search box. This means that technically you can see what teachers are actually searching for RIGHT NOW every time you use that TPT search box.

While you could type your terms and make note of each result individually, this is time consuming and it can be difficult to get a big picture view of trends when you are only viewing individual searches.

So I created a TPT search “emulator” on Google Sheets that can search and display up to 20 keyword results at once to help!

How Does This Search Tool Work?

Type your search terms into Column A and the keywords will auto populate into Column B. It’s that easy. You can now view keywords and the suggested long tail keywords at a glance!

Since this searches in real time the tool will only reflect current trends in search and results will update and change over time.

Suggestions for Using This Search Tool

  • Research current trends in real-time by seeing what words & phrases teachers are using RIGHT NOW.
  • Get ideas for product creation by learning what resources teachers are looking for RIGHT NOW.
  • View seasonal trends.
  • Improve product titles and/or descriptions to better reflect what a teacher might call your resource.
  • Brainstorm ways to better support teachers by seeing what teachers need and are looking for. Can be used to inspire blog post topics, social media posts, etc.

How NOT to Use This Search Tool

  • DO NOT use this to keyword stuff titles and product descriptions. If your product doesn’t match what the title & description shows, your item won’t convert and buyers that do purchase your item won’t be happy. Keyword stuffing wastes everyone’s time and is a bad strategy for supporting teachers who are pressed for time and don’t want to waste money on a product that doesn’t meet their needs.
  • Get discouraged if your keywords or product titles do not match trends. No one was searching for Pixel Art when I dropped my Google Sheets Pixel Art on the world; you can drive traffic in other ways and create a search term over time, too!
  • Extrapolate anything about search results and ranking. This resource has nothing to do with what products show up where.


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