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Easily integrate Google Classroom or Google Drive™ online storage service into your back to school plans by having students answer “all about me” items using ONLY Emojis on Google Slides.

My detailed visual directions make it easy for all ages & teachers of all technology levels.

If you have iPad® mobile digital device, get the iPad version here.

Packet & digital Google Slideshow includes everything you & your students need to use Google independently to fill out the survey template.
★ Digital blank survey – 13 different items for students to respond to (available digitally with included link). Questions are in blackline too if you want to print!
★ Teacher & student directions for setting up, downloading and sharing Google Slides with students using either Google Drive or Google Classroom.
★ Student directions to getting and arranging Emojis are available RIGHT in the slides for quick access.

I make sure my technology integration resources have everything you need to get started – you do NOT need to know how to use the apps yourself!

You and your students will need Google Drive accounts.


Since my products all utilize free web and app resources, there may be rare times that the technology does not work as planned, which may be out of my control. Please be sure to message me in the Q&A section so I can assist you before leaving feedback. I use all of the apps that I base my packets on frequently and will update products as the apps themselves update.


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Emojis provided by EmojiOne used with permission.