Digital Christmas Tree Activities on Google Slides & Seesaw



Easy integrate digital learning into December plans with this flexible Christmas activity. Students will follow the visual step-by-step directions to decorate a virtual Christmas Tree before completing differentiated math and writing projects related to the tree made.

Compatible with Google Slides™, Seesaw™, and Pic Collage on the iPad® mobile digital device. Teachers will assign one of the 3 versions to their students.

Google Slides Version Includes:

★ Step-by-step visual direction slides for decorating a virtual tree right on Google Slides.

★ Graphic organizer slides to plan a how-to paragraph for decorating a tree.

★ 4 interactive math activities with movable pieces that have students use the items on the virtual tree they made to:

-Make a tally chart

-Make a pictograph

-Calculate the total cost of items used & show with dollars and coins

-Create their own word problem and solve it

Seesaw Version Includes all of the above but pre-loaded in the Seesaw activity library! Just click the included link to get the activity and assign to students!

Pic Collage Version (iPad only) Includes:

★ Visual step-by-step direction sheets for decorating a virtual tree using Pic Collage.

★ Printable version of the activity pages for math & writing

★ 2 versions of display-ready writing paper with ruled lines or primary lines in both low-ink and full color.

★ Sets of mini iPads to attach QR codes that link to each student’s tree for gift giving or hallway display.

You will need either access to Google Classroom, Seesaw or the free apps Pic Collage and a QR reader app. A clickable QR code for the app PicCollage™ is included.

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