Google Alphabet Cards with Printed Letters & White Background


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Alphabet cards of frequently used icons for classrooms, technology labs, or libraries using Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Slides or any part of the Google Apps for Education™ service on iPads™, PC, laptops, or Chromebooks™.

Each poster includes a frequently encountered icon and its definition. All of the icons used are designed and shared by Google™ – so you can be sure your students will be exposed to accurate and useful images!

Help your students internalize the most frequently used commands on Google Drive™ online storage service, Classroom, Slides, Docs, and more for seamless technology integration. Posters are simply designed for use in both upper and lower elementary.

This set includes:
-26 posters each with black printed text and a colored icon on a white background.
-26 blackline posters
-2 versions of sign to display

Each poster prints roughly 8.5 x 11 inches – or use your printer settings to print them half sized.


GAFE Alphabet with Printed Letters
GAFE Alphabet with Slanted Letters
GAFE Alphabet with Cursive Letters


Using iPad® mobile digital devices? I have sets specially designed for frequently encountered iPad and app icons with printed, slanted, and cursive letters in 2 choices of iPad color:
iPad Alphabet with Grey iPads and Print
iPad Alphabet with Grey iPads and Cursive
iPad Alphabet with Grey iPads and Slanted Print

iPad Alphabet with White iPads and Print
iPad Alphabet with White iPads and Slanted Print
iPad Alphabet with White iPads and Cursive


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