New Year’s Digital Activity | Create a Diaper Cake | Editable | Google Slides



Students will design their own diaper cake for the New Year’s Baby RIGHT in Google Slides™ using just the copy, paste and even the fill tool. Students learn about the history of the New Year Baby and what it symbolizes. Then they will design their “cakes” by cutting and pasting the included images. Finally they will write about how their cake and the items they selected symbolize their hopes, dreams, goals, resolutions, etc. for the upcoming new year!

Plus, the entire slideshow is EDITABLE so you can customize the text and images to fit your students’ needs.


  • Blank template for students to create their own unique diaper cakes and write the new year goals.
  • Customizable decorations to copy & paste to create a huge variety of cakes. Colors can be changed using the FILL tool RIGHT in slides.
  • Information paragraph slide about the history of the New Year Baby – includes a link to old magazine covers from the 30s that populated the New Year Baby in modern America; be sure to test this link and delete before assigning if images are blocked or you do not want to use them with your students.



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Winter Create a Cupcake

Thanksgiving Create a Pie

Halloween Create a Cake

Holiday Create a Coffee Cup


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