Paper Popper / Banger STEM Challenge


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Practice scientific method, engineering, and learn the properties of sound while having fun with this Paper Popper STEM challenge activity and lab. Paper poppers (also called Bangers) are created by folding paper and moving it in such a way that it creates a “snap.”

Students will use the included visual directions, graphic organizers, charts, and activities to create and compare the “snap” sound made by paper poppers. Includes 3 methods for folding with diagrams to help.

Students only need paper to complete this self-paced activity – I suggest having a few sheets of different types of paper: construction, graph, printer, tissue, newsprint, notebook, etc. so students can test a variety.

Students will explore variables and learn about how various choices in paper type will affect the pitch, volume, and timbre of the snap created.

Packet includes:
★ Sheets for experiment set up, data collection, class data comparison, conclusion, and reflections.
★ 3 methods for folding the paper popper – students will test and choose the one they prefer. Each method includes a visual step by step diagram to follow to create the popper.
★ 1 self-score rubric.
★ 1 reading passage that explains the science behind the challenge.
★ 1 page of vocabulary words to know.
★ Extension page for students to design their own paper popper.
★ Detailed teacher note page.


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