Secret Messages on Google Sheets with Digital Pixel Art Magic Reveal


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Use this set of Google Sheets Digital Pixel Art to create custom secret messages on Google Sheets! Perfect for sharing special announcements, creating escape room and breakout clues, introducing a word-of-the-week, revealing a fun holiday message, and more! This self-checking, EDITABLE, digital activity works with ANY device with Google™ Sheets (iPads, Chromebooks, etc.).

How does it work?
After downloading, teachers follow the explicit editing directions to set up the sheets (no coding necessary) with their own questions and answers to reveal a word or phrase of their choosing. Students answer the questions correctly to AUTO-GENERATE one of 26 pixel art letters in Google™ Sheets (or Microsoft Excel™).

Students will know they have typed the correct answer if they see pixels appearing! If nothing happens, then students know to self-correct their answer. Students do NOT need to be familiar with Google Sheets to do this activity.

Packet & digital Google™ Sheets includes everything you & your students need to use Google Sheets independently:
★ 26 Pixel Art Letters are available with 10 editable questions and answers each. Letters can be deleted and/or duplicated to create ANY message.

★ 2 Versions included are:

  • -Text Answer Set for questions that have text answers like true/false, short answer, matching, unscramble, fill in the blank, etc.
  • -Number Answer Set for questions that have number answers like ANY math practice, scales, surveys or multiple choice.

★ Visual directions for set up and completing. Please note, the pixel letters cannot be edited but the background color of each can!

★ Teacher & student directions for setting up, downloading and sharing Google Sheets with students.

★ Optional Student page of directions for using Google Sheets.

★ This activity is compatible with Microsoft Excel. The PDF includes directions for downloading as an Excel file.

You and your students will need Google Drive accounts either individual or a shared account or access to Microsoft Excel. This game works great with and without Google Classroom and can be used whole group or in a center.


Since my products all utilize free web and app resources, there may be rare times that the technology does not work as planned, which may be out of my control. Please be sure to message me in the Q&A section so I can assist you before leaving feedback. I use all of the apps that I base my packets on frequently and will update products as the apps themselves update.




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