Universal Icons Rebus Story: Unplugged & Digital Version BUNDLE

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This universal icons rebus story activity bundle is perfect for the computer lab, technology lab or for any teacher integrating Chromebooks, iPads, and other digital devices in the classroom! Teach students the meanings of 30 universal app and device icons with this engaging cut & paste original rebus story.

This bundle includes a digital version on Google Slides and a printable unplugged version.

Teaching universal icons allows students to build their technology fluency and makes using technology more efficient and effective in your classroom!

Several versions and lesson suggestions allow this activity to be used in multiple grade levels and with a range of abilities. Also includes extension activities for students to complete the story and construct their own icon rebus sentences to further integrate this activity into a writing and/or reading block

Bundle includes digital & printable:
★ 30 icons to cut & paste to complete the story

★ 11 page original rebus story in 3 versions
-Version 1 includes hints for the icon to use
-Version 2 includes NO hints
-Version 3 has the icon…students can try to figure out what the icon means

★ 30 icons to cut & paste to complete the story

★ Answer key posters to display

★ Quiz to use before or after the activity to assess

★ Text only version for teacher to read aloud (optional)

★ Extension activity for students to create their own rebus sentences

★ Extension prompt for students to finish the story

★ Digital version also includes the above on Google Slides plus directions for Google Classroom.


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