End of Year Fliphunt Scavenger Hunt on Flipgrid

Learn how to create an engaging scavenger Fliphunt for the end of the year using Flipgrid. Students will love completing tasks and sharing the video results on Flipgrid!

What is a Fliphunt on Flipgrid?

I first learned about Fliphunts from Kathi Kersznowski A Fliphunt is a scavenger hunt where task evidence is uploaded in video form on Flipgrid.

Posing on the stairs

Fliphunts get students moving and creating, which is perfect for those high energy last few days of school! Kathi gives more information about Fliphunts in her blog post here.

Creating a Scavenger Hunt on Flipgrid

There are many options for creating and organizing a Fliphunt. Kathi suggests creating a Flipgrid and having each task be shared separate video. Videos should be titled the name of the task for easy searching and sharing.

Capturing a picture in mid-jump!

To share the task list, create a Google Doc with all of your tasks that you attach directly to the Flipgrid. You can assign a point value to tasks or challenge students to complete a certain number.

You can also put the tasks in Google Sheets in column then insert>checkboxes in Column B.

End of Year Scavenger Hunt on Flipgrid

For the Fliphunt in this post, I wrote 30 tasks for students to complete in and around the school. I divided the students into small groups. Each group had a volunteer parent chaperone and an iPad.

Mannequin challenge in the library!

You are welcome to use my list as a starting point, but you will definitely want to customize your list for your school building. Some of the tasks I included can be completed outside. Students will need to stay with their chaperone as they walk around the building and school grounds.

Doing the conga outside!

I had students title their videos the hashtag that I used in each task.

This Fliphunt takes approximately 1.5 hours. I staggered the tasks that groups started on so that everyone wasn’t completing the same task at the same time. I set a time for all groups to return to the classroom – finished or not.

Pretending to receive a late pass

If you have fast finishers, they can watch the videos and comment. You can also challenge them to create additional tasks to complete.

For this Fliphunt, the Google Doc instructions were:

Complete all of the tasks on the list below. Create a short video clearly showing each task on the Fliphunt Flipgrid. Videos should be no longer than 30 seconds. You may use stickers and filters. Title the video of each task the hashtag. Stay with your chaperone. Return to Room 109 when finished or no later than 2:00PM EST.

  • Drinking from a #waterfountain
  • Receiving a #latepass
  • Pretending to deliver mail to a teacher’s #mailbox
  • Doing the #mannequinchallenge in the library
  • Slow motion pointing to a #clock
  • A close up of a #blinkingeye at the nurse’s office
  • Bowing in front of the #fireextinguisher
  • Emptying the #trashcan in the teacher’s lounge
  • Making a #sillyface by principals office
  • Posing on the bottom #steps
  • Standing on one foot in front of the classroom with the #highestnumber
  • Laying in front of the classroom with the #lowestclassnumber
  • Acting #confused in front of a door without a number of name
  • Crawling like a #baby in the hallway
  • Being a #madscientist in the STEM lab
  • Giving a #grouphug
  • Doing a #pushup in the gym
  • Making a #houseofcards
  • Using legos or unifix cubes to create a 16-17 inch #tower
  • Pretending to be #trapped in the classroom
  • Acting like #monkeys on the playground
  • Jumping and freezing #midjump in front of the school
  • Doing the #conga in back of the school
  • Doing the #chickendance in front of the art room
  • Shooting a #basketball (or pretending to)
  • Create a video perspective shot where it looks like one person is #squishing the other group members.
  • Doing the #floss on the stage
  • Saluting the #flag
  • Rolling in the #grass
  • Rubbing your belly and patting your head in the #cafeteria

Other Fliphunt Ideas

Check out this site with more ideas and ready made Fliphunts for your classroom!


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