Collaborative Pixel Posters to Engage Students in STEM Learning

Are you eager to integrate more STEM activities into your classroom in a fun and engaging way? Our Collaborative Pixel Posters are designed to captivate your students’ interest while promoting essential skills such as teamwork, creativity, and reading comprehension. Plus, this low-prep activity results in beautiful classroom decor that showcases your students’ collaborative efforts!

What are Collaborative Pixel Posters?

Each poster starts as 36 separate color by number pieces that come together to form a stunning 4ft x 4ft pixel art image based on a STEM theme. The process is simple yet impactful:

  1. Engage with a STEM Picture Book: Start the activity by reading a suggested picture book to introduce the STEM concept depicted in the poster.
  2. Color by Code: Students use a specific code to color their individual pieces.
  3. Cut, Collaborate, and Create: After coloring, students cut out their pieces and work together to assemble the poster.

Check out all of the sets available here!

Educational Challenges Embedded in the Coloring Process

To determine the color code for each pixel piece, students answer 22 comprehension questions about the text they’ve read. Depending on the book, I provided a variety of question types:

  • Recall Questions: These help students remember specific details from the text, reinforcing retention.
  • Inference and Conclusion: Students apply higher-order thinking skills to draw inferences and conclusions beyond the direct content of the book.
  • Vocabulary and Word Choice: Questions delve into the language used in the text, enhancing vocabulary and appreciation for nuanced word choices.
  • Text Structure: Students explore how the information is organized, which aids in understanding different writing styles and structures.

Answering the questions correctly helps students unlock the color code but also enhances their reading comprehension and analytical skills.

Why Opt for Collaborative Pixel Posters?

  • Interactive Learning: Encourages hands-on participation and fosters teamwork.
  • Versatile: Comes with editable question sheets to customize learning for any subject. And can be completed digitally or print and color the regular way!
  • Adaptable: Perfect for any classroom and easy to differentiate.
  • Builds Excitement with a Mystery Element: The final design remains a secret until completed, adding an element of surprise that keeps students engaged.

4 Flexible Coloring Options

Listen, I totally get that plans change so I included 4 different ways you can have students “color.” Use whatever way works for you. If you are teaching multiple grade levels, you can also change it up depending on student age level and abilities.

  • Ready-Made STEM Activity: Linked directly to STEM-themed picture books for cohesive learning experiences. STEM picture books can be purchased on Amazon, checked out from the library, or many are also available digitally on Epic or as a read aloud on YouTube. I purposely chose books that are easy to find.
  • Editable Content Review: Customize the activity to fit any lesson by editing right in the PDF. You don’t have to use the book or questions provided! Make your own questions and key in a few minutes.
  • Simple Color by Number: Ideal for stress-free setup during busy weeks or with substitutes. Just have students print and color.
  • Digital Coloring on Google Slides: Engage students in digital learning environments by assigning the coloring activity in Google Classroom.

How to Implement Digital Coloring with Google Slides and Google Classroom

Our Collaborative Pixel Posters are also available in a digital format, which is perfect for digital learning settings. Here’s how you can implement this option:

  1. Assign Through Google Classroom: Easily assign the Google Slides version of our posters to your class. Each student can access their individual piece directly in Google Classroom.
  2. Digital Coloring: Students use the fill tool in Google Slides to color their pieces according to the code. This digital approach is not only engaging but also familiarizes students with digital tools.
  3. Print and Display: Once all pieces are colored and submitted, print them out to assemble the full poster in class, or share a digital compilation of the artwork for all to admire.

Are you ready to create…together?

Our Collaborative Pixel Posters offer a unique blend of art, technology, and science, making them an exceptional resource for any educator looking to enhance their classroom with engaging, educational activities. Whether used in-person or digitally, these posters provide a flexible, exciting way to integrate STEM learning and foster a collaborative spirit among students.

Explore our range of Collaborative Pixel Posters today!

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