Space Saving Green Screen Ideas for the Classroom

This is a round up of creative space saving green screen ideas for the classroom! Never tried green screen? Tools from DoInk, iMovie, and WeVideo make it easy. However, not everyone has a green wall or space to dedicate to a green screen “studio” in the classroom. Luckily, as you will see in this post, all you need is SOMETHING green and you can start using green screen in the classroom.

Easy no fuss space saving green screen ideas for the classroom - no backdrop needed.

I’m sharing some next level ideas for green screen in the classroom that don’t require a large green backdrop or a lot of space and can be created on iPads, Chromebooks, or any device with a green screen app or site.

Getting Started with Green Screen Videos

I defer to my friend Goodwinnovate for anyone looking to get started making green screen videos. She has a section on her blog about the various materials needed as well as some very inexpensive tips for acquiring the various items.

The three main tools for creating green screen videos are

I’ve linked to a tutorial for each to help you get started on each.

Easy Space Saving Green Screen Video Idea Rundown

Recently on Twitter, the hashtag #wormholechallenge started by Richard Hopkin has started trending. Richard used green playdoh to create a “wormhole” on iMovie and other educators were inspired to get creative with green materials and green screen. What I love especially about these ideas is you do not need a green screen wall or background!

Richard provides a quick tutorial on creating “worm holes” using iMovie green screen options.

You can use other materials like green paper, green masks, Apples, green food coloring and even a green background on the iPad! The hashtag #EveryoneCanCreate is another place to search for creative green screen video ideas.

Here are just some of the amazing ways people are making creative green screen videos minus the green backdrop! Any of these ideas can be adapted for the K-12 classroom across the curriculum.

Another one from Anita – green screen cubes from the Dollar Tree.
Keynote is an easy tool for creating green screen backgrounds since you can fill the background color green.
Green masks! Brilliant!
If it’s green, go for it!
I have seen several of these examples using a solid green background on the iPad to “reveal” a hidden image.
Jessie Erickson used green paint in this example using DoInk
Another great idea from Goodwinnovate! Use a green Lego board!

How creative are these green screen videos!?!?! Have you tried green screen yet? What is holding you back? Making creative green screen videos without a large dedicated space has never been easier. Give these space saving green screen videos a try!

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