Technology Curriculum Guides for K-12 Roundup

Looking for a free comprehensive K-12 technology curriculum, scope & sequence, or framework? Tasked with creating your school or district technology & computer science curriculum guide? This round up includes a clickable list of various curriculum frameworks, lessons, checklists, etc. for for integrating technology into the classroom.

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Technology Curriculum Guides

Many Teach With Tech Facebook Group discussions and questions revolve around tech curriculum.

  • What curriculum are you using?
  • What standards are you following?
  • Do you have a scope & sequence of tech skills?
  • What lessons are you doing with which grade levels and when?

Because many educators have been tasked to create a course, tech class, or integration plan from scratch. But please, don’t do this! Many schools, districts, states, and organizations have comprehensive guides with a share-alike license, which means they are free and available for you to use.

Most frameworks are K-12 but there are some grade level specific. Many if not all are based on either the ISTE standards or CSTA standards or both!

I do recommend browsing and seeing what is out there, but still creating your own only because ultimately the devices you have and the sites, apps, programs, etc. available to you will vary greatly. But it is way easier to do this when you have a guide or outline and a format to follow.

Be sure to contact me if you have a guide or link to add and be sure to check the license or TOU of the guide before adapting or remixing.

Click to view the entire collection on Wakelet here.

About this Technology Curriculum Collection

I created this curated collection on Wakelet. You do not need a Wakelet account to access the collection, but I strongly recommend creating one!

Visit the Wakelet Education page to learn more, create a free account, and download the free educators guide.

It’s free and will allow you to copy and add to the collection on your own account. Plus Wakelet is a fantastic resource for educators with a ton of cool classroom applications. Be sure to follow my Wakelet page for lots of free templates & collections!

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