Organize Your Gmail Inbox with this Free Challenge

Get your Gmail inbox organized and keep it that way by joining the completely free ABC Countdown Gmail Challenge. Learn 26 Gmail organization tips – one for letter of the alphabet – to increase productivity and take control of your cluttered inbox. Tips are delivered straight to your inbox with one actionable task each day.

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Inbox zero is NOT a myth! I’ve been successfully managing my email on my beloved personal Hotmail account for a few years, but my business Gmail was a disaster! Anyone else?

After finding important emails sorted in promotions, sending issues, and all over inbox chaos, I finally sucked it up and spent some time REALLY getting my gmail together.

It’s a beautiful thing to have my emails automatically sorting and organizing themselves so I can focus on responding and taking action as my inbox fills up. I no longer cringe when I open my Gmail and that overwhelming feeling seeing a jumbled inbox full of unread emails and conversations is gone!

I’d love to pass along what I have learned so I’ve created a self-paced ABC Countdown Gmail Challenge. 26 super quick tips delivered to your inbox over 26 days- one each letter! And it’s completely FREE.

No catch, I really thought I hated Gmail but I’m so excited about how organized mine is now so thought it would be fun to share – and I love an ABC list ! Wait until you see “Z” it’s pretty creative!

Sign Up for the Gmail Challenge

After signing up using the form above, you will be sent a welcome email. Check your promotions and spam folders and be sure to move it into your Inbox so you don’t miss future emails.

Your challenge will start the following day.

How does the ABC Countdown Gmail Challenge Work?

Each day, you will receive one tip with an action plan to set you on the path towards Gmail greatness. To keep it organized and add some fun, tasks will “countdown” from A to Z. Most tasks can be completed in about 5 minutes, although you will want to revisit some as ongoing maintenance when using Gmail regularly.

The challenge is self-paced, but the emails are set to arrive in your inbox automatically. You will also receive two exclusive free items during the challenge – a printable shortcut poster and the entire challenge as a full-color 26 page pdf for future reference!

Please note that the ability to do some tasks may be impacted by your G suite Gmail settings. This is not something I can troubleshoot – you will need to contact your organization’s IT department.

Stay Accountable on Social Media

Share your progress on Instagram & Twitter by tagging me @erintegration and using the hashtag #GmailChallenge. And be sure to direct friends, family members, and colleagues join the challenge by signing up here, too!


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