Seesaw Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

Grab some FREE Seesaw activities for littles to do this St. Patrick’s Day. Perfect for K-1, these 10 Saint Patrick’s Day Seesaw Basics activities make use of each of the main Seesaw tools. Learn more below!

What are Seesaw Basic Activities?

If you are using Seesaw in your classroom with your kindergartners and first graders, I created a set of themed activities for each month that incorporate each of the basic Seesaw tools:

  • pencil
  • camera
  • microphone
  • highlighter
  • text box
  • eraser
  • marker
  • magic pen
  • move
Seesaw Basics Saint Patrick's Day Screenshot 1
This activity features a set of movable object students will drag to complete the pattern.

These are the tools that they will use most frequently so mastery of these tools will help tremendously with any future learning activities assigned on Seesaw!

Each tool is also paired with a specific command: write, trace, drag, match, color etc. so students will learn to associate commands with the tools themselves.

Seesaw Basics Saint Patrick's Day Screenshot 3

Completing Seesaw Basic Activities

Assign the set of activities in Seesaw. If it is students’ first time using Seesaw, you could do a quick intro on the tool set then allow them time to explore. Observe who needs support and start a small group of students who need more direct guidance.

Seesaw Basics Saint Patrick's Day Screenshot 2
This is one of students’ favorite as the answer is concealed by white marker. They erase it to reveal the amount!

There are 10 activities total so I would anticipate this to take a class period for more experience Seesaw users or break it into small chunks for students using Seesaw for the first time.

Other Ideas for Seesaw Basic Activities

Many teachers have reached out to share how they were using these sets in their classrooms! Here are some ideas for you:

  • Sub plans
  • Snow day / virtual day plans
  • Intro to Seesaw
  • Older students complete with K and 1st grade buddies
  • Monthly digital homework
  • Technology center (perfect if you only have a handful of devices)
  • Teach new students to use Seesaw
  • Finished early activity

Where to Download Seesaw Basics Activities

I had been sharing these exclusively with my newsletter subscribers for free each month and they are now currently FREE in my resource library as I add them.

Not a subscriber? Join my newsletter to be the first to know about any new sets as they are added!

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