Emoji Shape Posters – English and Spanish


Total Pages: 58
File Size: 1 MB


Emoji shape posters with the Emojis cropped into fourteen 2-dimensional shapes. Spanish version is included for all sets, too!

14 Half-page posters include:

Each also includes the shape word in print.

Posters come in 3 styles including blackline & prints roughly 8.5 x 5.25 inches – or two per page.

Includes 3 styles of full page signs to create a bulletin board and a student worksheet for each shape. Students can color the Emoji shape then write the name and properties of the shape.

.PDF file download includes:
★ 14 Shape posters with Emoji shape & name in 3 styles each (black background, white background & blackline)
★ 3 Posters with all shapes displayed in 3 styles.
★ 14 Blackline student worksheets to write the name of the shape, properties and color the Emoji shape
★ Spanish version of all pages included too!


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