Valentines Day Conversation Hearts | Google Slides | Seesaw | Pic Collage



Digital Valentines Day Conversation Hearts for students to customize & decorate! Compatible with Google Slides™, Seesaw™, and Pic Collage on the iPad® mobile digital device.

Here is how it works:

Teachers will assign one of the 3 versions to their students. Students will read the passage to learn the history of candy hearts and some of the phrases used through the years. Then they will the tools in Google Slides, Seesaw or PicCollage™ to design and write about their own candy heart.

Create custom conversation heart messages or make a Valentine’s Day collage. We like to share quotes from books we LOVE on the hearts to tie it into reading too! Includes list of ideas for what to write on the hearts or collage – or make up your own!

Packet includes:

★ Directions & links to all 3 versions: Google Slides, Seesaw Preloaded Activity, and Pic Collage.

★ 1 set of mini iPads for sharing any images made via QR code.

★ Reading passage and examples

You will need either access to Google Classroom, Seesaw or the free apps Pic Collage and a QR reader app. A clickable QR code for the app PicCollage™ is included.