Video Games Pixel Art Magic Reveal | Multiplication & Division Practice on Google Sheets


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Practice multiplication and division facts with this pixel art math set featuring video game inspired characters and scenes! Have students solve multiplication and division facts to AUTO-GENERATE one of 5 pixel art images in Google™ Sheets (or Microsoft Excel™) and a secret message!

★ Low Prep: Just assign the sheet in Google Classroom. Each sheet includes all 5 images; students click the tabs at the bottom to advance to the next pixel image. There are 25 math problems per image to solve.

★ Differentiated: Includes 4 levels – choose 1 to assign:

  • Multiplication Times Tables 1-5
  • Multiplication Times Tables 6-12
  • Multiplication Times Tables 1-12
  • Division Tables 1-10

 Editable: The sheet can be  edited – directions including for changing the problems and answers to fit your students’ needs.

★ Self-checking: As students solve the problems in Column A, by typing their answers in Column B, a mystery pixel art image is revealed, piece by piece. Students will know they have typed the correct answer if they see pixels appearing!

You and your students will need Google Drive accounts or access to Microsoft Excel.



PIXEL ART – 1st Grade

PIXEL ART – 2nd Grade

PIXEL ART – 3rd Grade

PIXEL ART – 4th Grade

PIXEL ART – 5th Grade

PIXEL ART Addition Facts

PIXEL ART Holidays

PIXEL ART Times Tables