This math app is a mouthful to say but the title is a huge piece of what my students love about this logic and math app game (a paid ad-free version is also available).  The full title of the math app is Pico Fermi Bagels with Cream Cheese or PFBwCC for short.

FREE download to go with this FREE math iPad app - Pico Fermi Bagels with Cream Cheese - perfect for GAFE, critical thinking and logic practice. Students will love this center game that can be played alone or with a partner.

How to Play the Logic and Math App Pico Fermi Bagel with Cream Cheese

The premise is simple, the computer selects a number and students will try to guess the number.  However, with each turn the computer gives a hint about the digits guess:

  • Pico – Correct number, incorrect spot
  • Fermi – Correct number, correct place
  • Bagel – Incorrect number & place
  • Bagel with Cream Cheese – Every subsequent bagel

Students can use these clues to narrow down the number.  Prior to the app, we played this game with a whiteboard and a partner.  Sometimes it was difficult for the partner to correctly assign “Pico Fermi Bagel” to the digits, leading to some confusion for the guesser.  Having the computer keep track via the app has made this game more accessible for all students.

Use the Logic and Math App Pico Fermi Bagel with Cream Cheese in a center

Since I teach small group & guided math, the students rotate through several differentiated centers. This app has become the go-to free choice app.  I like that the logic offers a challenge for my students who need it but also the place value piece is a good review for students who need that reinforcement.

The app itself is very basic, which is a good thing – less distraction!  Since at the time of writing this, it has only been available for a few weeks, there are some changes in the works to make the appearance more kid-friendly.  The biggest change I am hoping will be made is for the definitions of the words Pico, Fermi, etc to more accessible or at least displayed more prominently.

You can also play the game whole group if you have 1:1 iPads.  You would choose a mystery number and generate a code.  Students can input the code to get the same mystery number.

Get a free cheat sheet for the game

I created a cheat sheet for the app and directions that my students refer to.  You can download it here for free.

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