16 Resources for Meaningful Screen Time This Summer

Looking for our meaningful screen time resources to recommend to parents or to use with your own children this summer? Guest blogger Scott Winstead has put together a fantastic list of digital apps, websites, and resources for any digital learner!

Keep Screen Time Meaningful this Summer

As any parent knows, keeping kids entertained during the summer can be a challenge. With school out and no structured activities, it’s easy for them to spend all day glued to a screen. And while it’s important to limit their screen time, there are times when it’s necessary to give in and let them indulge.

After all, parents need a break too!

The key is to find online resources that are both educational and fun. There are websites that offer age-appropriate games and activities, as well as interactive learning experiences. By using these resources, parents can make sure that their kids are getting the most out of their screen time.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best websites, apps, and other online resources for summer screen time.

16 Digital Resources for Summer Learning

  1. PBS Kids – This website offers a variety of games, videos, and activities based on popular PBS shows. There is also a section for parents with tips and resources.
  2. Funbrain – Funbrain has a mix of educational games, books, and videos for kids of all ages. You can sort by grade level.
  3. National Geographic Kids – A name we all know and trust, National Geographic kids offers games, videos, and articles about animals, science, history, and more.
  4. BrainPOP – BrainPOP offers educational videos and activities on a variety of topics, including science, English, math, and social studies. They’re smart, funny, animated explainer videos. A lot of the content requires a subscription, but there are free resources as well.
  5. Tynker – This app teaches kids how to code through a variety of games and activities. It spans from age 4 all the way to 13. So you can get the very basics, or learn real world coding such as Javascript. 
  6. Prodigy – Prodigy offers both math and reading games. The games adapt to each child’s individual skill level and become more challenging as they progress.
  7. Homer – Is an app for younger kids ages 2-6+ and offers a variety of games and activities to help them learn to read. It’s a paid app but offers a free trial.
  8. ABC Mouse – ABC Mouse offers a comprehensive curriculum for kids aged 2-8, covering everything from math and reading to science and art with games, songs, stories and more fun. You can try it out with a free trial.
  9. Starfall – This free website for kids offers games teaching reading, math, and more for pre K – 3rd graders. You can upgrade to a paid membership to unlock even more content and features.
  10. Duolingo – Imagine if your kids could learn a second language this summer while sitting at home on their device! Duolingo offers fun and interactive lessons for learning a variety of languages. And it’s not just for kids – adults can use it too!
  11. My Storybook – This free website walks kids through how to write, illustrate, and put together their own storybook. Once finished, you can share the story free online, or purchase a printable e-book version for $5.
  12. Strip Designer – Nothing says creative like making your own comic. With Strip Designer, kids can add photos, drawings, word art, and more. It’s $3.99, but everything is included.
  13. Common Sense Media – This site is a great way for parents to check out the appropriateness of movies, shows, and even books for their kids. However, it also has a feature that lets kids rate and review the content as well. They’ll love reviewing the content and seeing their opinions posted!
  14. Day One Journaling – Journaling is a great way for kids to reflect on their day and express their thoughts and feelings. The Day One app makes it easy with daily reminders and prompts.
  15. Cosmic Kids Yoga – Screen time doesn’t have to be passive. A great way to get active using an iPad or other device is to follow along with a yoga video on the Cosmic Kids Yoga channel. The videos are designed for kids ages 3 and up, and they feature popular characters and themes to keep things fun.
  16. Geocaching – Using the official Geocaching app or Geocaching.com, you can seek out geocaches hidden near you. This is a great activity for kids of all ages..

These are just a few of the many great websites, apps, and other resources that are available for summer screen time. 

Dealing with devices at home can be much harder than setting technology rules at school. By using these resources, parents can make sure their kids are getting the most out of their time online.

What are some of your favorite websites, apps, or other online resources for summer screen time?

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