The Super Bowl is in February: Here are 3 Ways to Celebrate the Big Game in the Classroom!

As we anxiously await the upcoming Super Bowl, why not use this as an opportunity to engage your students in technology activities related to the big game? Here are three engaging low prep projects for the computer lab or elementary classroom that are sure to get your students excited and learning at the same time.

Sports Themed Coding in the Classroom with ASCII Text Art!

My Sports Coding with ASCII Text Art set is great way to introduce basic coding concepts to kids who may be new to computers or just need some extra practice. Students will follow a code to create a specific, secret sports-themed image using just the keys on the keyboard.

This activity is very flexible. Students can use any devices with word processing program such as Word, Google Docs or the native notepad apps for iPad, Microsoft and Mac. Learn more about my Text Art Coding sets and grab a freebie here!

It includes all of the challenges as a printable or preloaded into Google Slides. Challenges will increase in difficulty as students progress.

Text art coding can help students work on:

  • Precision
  • Locating symbol keys
  • Following directions
  • Basic keyboarding commands like enter & space
  • Selecting a font (monospace is recommended)
  • Aligning text (these sets work best with left-alignment

Football Themed Pixel Art Math

Need a fun way to integrate math review into a football themed task? I have a football themed set of Magic Reveal Pixel Art on Google Sheets that is paperless, self-checking and differentiated!

Students will have to use their math skills by multiplying numbers together in order to reveal hidden pixel art images of football scenes plus a secret message from one of my favorite players! Additionally, this product provides multiple puzzles of varying difficulties so you can customize it for all student levels from beginners through advanced learners in your class!

Also the whole thing is editable right in Google Sheets. Change the problems, answers, and even the colors (if you want to highlight a specific team like the Eagles for example).

Design Your Own Jerseys for the Big Game on Google Slides

Kids have always loved designing their own team apparel – why not give them the chance to do it digitally? In this activity they’ll use Google Slides templates and editable clipart provided within to create their own virtual jersey designs using shapes, text boxes, images and more.

It’s a fun way for kids to express themselves creatively while also learning essential digital skills like formatting text and using images in documents.

The set includes jersey “shapes” for multiple sports like soccer, basketball, hockey and of course football. Plus all of the clipart is editing right in Google Slides so they can easily resize or change the colors as desired.

Technology Skills Practiced when Designing Jerseys:

  • using text boxes
  • typing
  • cut & paste
  • using the fill tool
  • order of objects
  • selecting and dragging
  • scrolling between slides
  • following directions

Students will also write about their jersey. You can have them include information about their favorite team or player participating in The Super Bowl game, too. They can even share their jersey designs with each other by uploading them onto Google Classroom.

These three activities provide a great way to incorporate technology into your classroom’s Super celebrations for the big football game or any sporting event! Each one offers unique opportunities for learning through creativity – whether through coding activities or pixel art – while also practicing tech skills essential for digital learning. And all are very low prep (just assign in Google Classroom) in case your teams win and you need some sub plans the next day, too! Go Eagles!

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