Technology unplugged activities seems like an oxymoron.  How can you use technology if you only have access to a paper and pencil?  The short answer is you can’t but we know the long answer is sometimes you have to! If your school uses devices for testing or you lose wifi or you have a sub that is not comfortable with tech lessons, you might not be able to access technology during your scheduled time.

Check out this list of technology unplugged activities for tech-free computer science learning during testing weeks, subs or days when the wifi is down!

In the past, you might have switched gears completely and did an unrelated lesson, but I’ve since found many paper and pencil activities that support the same goals as a technology lesson that I’ll share here.  While I’m not a technology teacher, I do get this question quite a bit so I thought it would be helpful to have a growing list of non-tech, tech activities!

My goals, by the way, are technology unplugged activities that tie into technology in some way, promote critical thinking, encourage collaboration when appropriate, and further students’ technology literacy.  Plus I think it is important for the lessons to be able to be used across a few grade levels.

Technology unplugged activities roundup:

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